Jeremy Corbyn makes history

Jeremy Corbyn has made history. He is the first Leader of the Labour Party to be democratically ellected by its actual individual members, on the basis of “one member one vote”, with a substantial majority, twice in succession within a year. Finally, the right-wing of the Labour Party have been comprehensively beaten at their own game.

More than two years ago, the Labour Party abolished the “electoral college” (in which MPs, union political levy payers and party members, each had a third of the vote), replacing it with one member one vote and a supporters’ scheme so that anyone could join up and instantly have a vote.

In fact, the change of the electoral system was implemented under Ed Miliband’s leadership at the behest of the party’s right. They hoped that the Labour Party would be “freed” from the “grip” of the trade unions and people sharing the right’s worldview would “flood” the party and permanenltly shift its political centre of gravity.

Quite unexpectedly, from their point of view, the opposite happened. In the leadership contest that followed Ed Miliband’s resignation, the elitist blairite class of Labour Party MP’s could hardly inspire anyone. Many thousands of people did join the party – people that had been politically disillusioned or marginalised and many young people – but mostly united behind Jeremy Corbyn’s candidacy. Now Jeremy Corbyn is re-elected with an increased majority.

Corbyn re elected